“If you rock them, heads will bang!” ~ BEC ~
Bec has been playing bass since 15. She has played all different styles of music that include: Rock, Punk, Alternative, Blues, Surf, Ska, and Metal. Her mastery of various styles of music allowed her to be honored as “Bassist of the Year” at the L.A. Music Awards, 2003. She spits blood, spins her guitar, and has had people come up to her saying that after a SSX performance, they went out and bought a bass. Bec plays with an over the top method which is distinctly uncommon and says, “I want people to watch me play and say, ‘She can handle that thing.’” Self-taught, she also studied with Ron Eglit, who plays bass with Dick Dale. Bec is now sponsored by

Short Interview…
Favorite thing to do when you’re bored: I play… Slow, Fast, & Hard, and feel the vibration of my Harley…
Favorite Band: I LOVE Billy Idol !!
Favorite Song: Rebel Yell or Rock the Cradle of Love by Billy Idol.. YES!
Favorite Song By SSX: Drunk Driver, It’s really fun to play
Tell us your favorite story about the band. There was one day when my brother, SonnyBoy, and I were messing around and came up with a new dance that we called, “The H. O. M. Dance.” Yes the abbreviation stands for something. I think he still does it once in a while. All I have to say is… “Hit it from all directions!”
Who is your favorite Bass Player? My favorite is who else but Gene Simmons of course… We both love putting on a show! Although most influenced to start playing by Sean Yseult, so I have to give her credit for that.
What are the influences for the music you play? Everything is an influence because I learn from everybody and all styles. I like heavy Rock music and I listen to lots of Classic Rock. And if you want to play Rock, you have to know Blues.

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